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Our Background

Mace Muscles was formed from an idea to start selling 'some' weights and lifting equipment after being frustrated with not being able to find our own during this odd time!

Manufacturing weights and lifting equipment may be a new venture for us but we have been in manufacturing for over 30 years! Our umbrella business, Mace Industries, was created over 30 years ago and we manufacture conveyors, hoists and structural building works becoming (what we believe to be) the best in our industry! 

We wanted to take the same principles we have at Mace Industries and transfer them here on Mace Muscles:
a) To have a Fantastic Product

but more importantly
b) To have a Fantastic Service Level - both before and after the sale of the fantastic product!

Mace Muscles is simply a brand name and everything is still ran under the umbrella of Mace Industries.

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